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prodotti Falegnameria Ziranu & Balvis di Francesco Ziranu

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Woodworking since 1960

With over fifty years of experience, Ziranu & Balvis carpentry, became one of the best landmarks of Sardinian. The constant improvement of manufacturing techniques and excellent knowledge of materials are the guarantee of quality and robustness of the work made to last long.

Classic or modern design furniture, designed and tailored to enhance your home or your office and provide really useful tools to make life more comfortable and enjoyable.

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Indoor furniture

Over the years the Ziranu & Balvis carpentry has developed considerable expertise in the design and production of furniture for homes, offices and shops.
The wood is certainly the most suitable material for the production of interior furnishings. Worked by the expert hands of the carpenter, it adapts to any shape and need, to create furniture with quality standards that go well beyond the prefabricated furniture available on the market. Customized design ensures perfect adaptability to the environments of home, both aesthetically and structurally.
The Ziranu & Balvis Carpentry makes custom kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, bookshelves, wooden stairs, bathroom furniture and furnishings. Everything you need to optimize the livability of your home.

Wooden frames

Ziranu & Balvis Carpentry, after more than forty years of experience, specializes in designing and manufacturing of interior doors. The design capacity is a quality that has it to our designers, always capable of giving rise to windows of great value. The creation of the frames is always of high quality, thanks to strong types of wood, with excellent support materials and paint application of the latest generation are able to effectively protect the wood.

Sardinian handicrafts

Trace the complex history of Sardinian handicrafts it means to inaugurate a journey into the heart of the island itself, and one can see traces of Neolithic, Roman, Byzantine, Arabic and more. The woodwork is among the leading sectors of Sardinian. In particular, it should be mentioned the products marked by the traditions of Orani, a town in the province of Nuoro, where the industry and the skills of master craftsmen have been handed down from generation to generation, renewing from time to time with appropriate improvements that have brought the art of wood in the country of Orani to exceptional levels.
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