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David - Traditional chair of Sardinia

This chair is a piece of furniture that respects the canons of traditional craftsmanship typical of Sardinia.
It was made ​​with different grades walnut, to highlight the differences between the various components. The front and rear pillars were obtained by lathe machining solid wood. While the decorative elements, which are also solid wood, have been patiently carved by hand.
Note the care with which he was working the main canopy, traditional Sardinian decor, meticulously carved in its entirety, in order to highlight, above all things, the importance of the top element. In fact, this piece of furniture rather than a chair, can be considered a Throne, reserved exclusively to the Patriarch or Matriarch, depending to the social organization of the family.
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Related Categories:Wooden acessories
Materials: Walnut
Working techniques:Handcraft Woodworking, Carving
David - Traditional chair of Sardinia

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