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Ludic - Casket inlaid chessboard

Casket made of walnut Bahia, decorated with geometric inlay technique.
This model of casket is designed primarily as a chessboard, and from this derive the typical parallelepiped shape and decorations inlaid in the upper surface. Also the lateral surfaces of the box were finely inlaid with geometric patterns in balsa, cherry and boxwood, using as a basis the solid walnut Bahia.
The surface inlaid was further adorned with delicate decorations made with the technique of carving wood.
This model is not only a chessboard, but a versatile box; infact the upper base acts as a lid to an internal compartment, suitable for storing the elements of chess, but also for jewelery and objects of various types.
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Working techniques:Handcraft Woodworking, Carving, Inlay
Ludic - Casket inlaid chessboard

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