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Trace the complex history of Sardinian handicrafts it means to inaugurate a journey into the heart of the island itself, and one can see traces of Neolithic, Roman, Byzantine, Arabic and more. The woodwork is among the leading sectors of Sardinian. In particular, it should be mentioned the products marked by the traditions of Orani, a town in the province of Nuoro, where the industry and the skills of master craftsmen have been handed down from generation to generation, renewing from time to time with appropriate improvements that have brought the art of wood in the country of Orani to exceptional levels.

Carved wood products

Carved wood products
 Wood carving is certainly one of the first activities learned by humans. First, to derive utensils for daily use, but also to express the artistic and cultural outlets that man seems to be naturally gifted. The art of wooden belongs to our genetic inheritance, although today there are few craftsmen who learn the secrets and who are able to continue this ancient tradition. The Carpentry & Ziranu Balvis leverage its technical and technological knowledge to achieve carved works inspired mainly to the craft traditions of Sardinia, drawing furniture and furnishings to transform them into unique objects, the result of the passion and skill in woodworking, expression of a culture well established, although open to continuous innovative influences.

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Inlaid wood products

Inlaid wood products
 The wooden Marquetry is an art that requires a perfect mastery of the techniques of woodworking, a good knowledge of the materials and tools from work, but also a great passion in the craft of handicrafts work of wood. A quality without which all the techniques and knowledge, as large, would be very unfruitful. When the carpenter is also a master carver, it means that he has learned the ability to treat with care all the detail, and it is the details that make the difference between a poor job, and one of excellent quality.

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